Creazioni Futura

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We are an industry leader in the development of Reusable Technical Textile (TTR) kits for operating rooms. Our constant product research and a progressive design and implementation drive are among our major strengths, and fruitful partnerships with companies that are experts in their individual sectors allows us to apply our extensive experience in customer services with an integrated, open and unconstrained approach.


Our story is rather exceptional: we pride ourselves on still obstinately being a company that manufactures its own products in a world that ever more aims to outsource its problems and criticalities. Creazioni Futura is not a dealer but rather a doer and a maker, with a focus on the continuous improvement of every business process.


Our great strength is to make products to precise customer specifications. Our mission is to create tailor-made offerings, defining together with the customer the right balance between product, price and services. Reaching this goal and then exceeding expectations is our solid commitment. And our dedicated just-in-time warehouse management is a coherent example of this approach.

The real task of providing with reliable and certified products

certified safety, guaranteed quality

Our company, traditionally, cares a lot about all the issues tied to health and safety of the final costumer. For this reason CF med products are certified Oeko-tex standard 100. This means they’ve been designed, built and tested to avoid potential harmful substances in the product. The certificate is issued by a commissioned institute, after testing both fabrics and accessories, and is valid for a duration of 12 months. Creazioni Futura S.r.l. is certified ISO 9001:2008.


Easy fit with classy Italian design.